Thursday, 10 April 2014

Future Scheduler – Best reminder and personal assistant for your android phone happens a lot of time with everyone that we miss some meetings, phone calls or special days due to busy schedule. Now you can get rid of this problem of forgetting. Appsicum brings an innovative app named as future scheduler for iPhone, Android and Blackberry world. This app is multi -functional and able to resolve all your forgetting problem as you can schedule now your activities with this app. This app costs only 108.98 rs and easily available in Google play store:

You can automate the recurring events and tasks on your android phone and can schedule a phone call, Text message, Email and Social media updates. Now leave traditional method of writing schedules in notepad and diaries and schedule your activities with future scheduler. It creates alerts with an easy and intuitive interface. When time or event comes of scheduled activities, it sends automatically email/text message for you. It can connect a call or post status on twitter/Facebook. It is like your own private secretary who schedule your phone calls, Text messages, emails and social media updates.

Features of Future Scheduler are awesome that are listed below:
1. It can easily sync with device calender.
2. It provides snooze function for reminders.
3. You can import contacts directly from Facebook.
4. You can add multiple recipients for text and Email.
5. You can see log of all scheduled activities.
6. You can use different templates for text and Email.
7. You can integrate this with phone book to let you add recipients conveniently.

There are some new features of this app that you will love to have in to your phone.
1. Now you can set email alerts full auto mode without user confirmation.
2. You can post social media updates to your friend's walls.
3. You can manage Facebook, Twitter and Email account management.
4. It provides support for Galaxy Nexus devices.
5. Improve interface design with support for 1280 x 720 screen resolution.

These all features are available for future scheduler for android that you can download from Google Play store. For more information you can visit or download this from This app is developed by Appsicum team that also developed other famous app named as Files-Finder edition, text disaster,  Location Alerts, Photos to Albums and Photo Effect Plus. For more information about apps developed by appsicum please visit